Product Description:

Can you count how many single use plastic cutlery you have used and discarded that’s lying around the world causing landslides, pollution, climate change, and what not. We bring you this light weight cutlery pouch of bamboo made reusable cutlery. It includes a handmade bamboo spoon, fork, straw, and a straw cleaner. Keep it with you when you are out and about and say no to single use plastic cutlery.

Care Instructions:

Wipe the used cutlery clean with water and store it back in the pouch. Clean it with soap as you reach home.

You can clean the bamboo straws by dipping it in hot water and Vinegar once or twice a month, depending on your use.


How to dispose:

When it wears out, dispose the bamboo cutlery with your wet organic waste. You can also break it into pieces and put it in your compost.

The metal cleaners can be re-used longer than the straws. Remove the bristles and discard the cleaner with recyclables.