Product Description:

For starting you up on your zero-waste journey, we have this starter kit. It includes a huge multipurpose compartment bag, a ‘Take me everywhere’ bag, 4 produce bags to banish plastic bags from your life, and an eco-friendly, reusable, bamboo cutlery kit, and a set of 2 bamboo toothbrushes. This kit will help you cut out your plastic waste by making the smallest of change in your life. Let us know when you are ready for the big stuff, and we will deliver.

Care Instructions:

Wash and iron the bags. Wipe the used cutlery clean with a napkin and store it back in the pouch. Clean it as you reach home.

How to dispose:

When it wears out, dispose the bamboo cutlery with your wet organic waste. You can also break it into pieces and put it in your compost. The metal cleaners can be re-used longer than the straws. Remove the bristles and discard the cleaner with recyclables. Same with the toothbrush