Looking for a sustainable way to groom your facial and body hair? We’ve got you covered!

The usual disposable razors need to be replaced after every 5-6 uses, i.e. once in 1-2 months. The disposable blades are set in plastic which makes it difficult to recycle. Project Zero Waste razors are Close Comb Double Edged Safety Razors. They are made of a 100% metal body that is fully recyclable. The blades to be used with our razors are recyclable metal too.

Features we love: 

  • Gives a close, smooth shave, like no other
  • User-friendly for inexperienced wet shavers
  • Reduces skin irritation, shave bumps and ingrown hair
  • Close Comb that tightens the skin for close shave and extra protection
  • Protective layer between skin and blade
  • Unisex
  • Sustainable
  • Low waste

New to safety razors? Worry not, as the premium quality safety razor is designed with safety measures for the inexperienced wet shaver. The close comb design, allows the razor to tighten the skin before the blade touches it. The razor has a protective layer between the blade and the skin so it allows for a smooth shave while reducing any risks of cuts or nicks. The PZW safety razors only accommodate one blade at a time, which helps reduce skin irritation, shave bumps and ingrown hair. These are highly loved by customers across genders!

Care Instructions:

  • Let the razor handle dry after every shave for a long life.

How to dispose: 

  • Collect and store all of your metal blades in a closed container. When you have collected a few, safely hand them over to any responsible metal recycler near you.
  • The metal razor will last you many years. When you wish to dispose it may be handed over to a metal recycler.