Why start your day with plastics when can switch to a bamboo toothbrush instead. Plastic toothbrushes are made of different types of plastics all together and they are rarely recycled across the world. What this implies is that all the toothbrushes we have ever used are on the planet somewhere, either in a landfill, in the water bodies, or have been burnt causing air pollution.

Bamboo handle toothbrushes last just as long as your plastic toothbrushes. Their bristles are soft and better for your teeth and gum health. Need any other reasons to switch?

Get a set of 4 to keep you covered for the entire year!

Care Instructions:

  • Keep your Bamboo toothbrush in a clean and dry environment.
  • Make sure the container for the brush is not holding any water at the bottom. Unlike plastic which does not interact with water, bamboo being a natural material needs to be kept dry.

How to dispose:

  • Remove the bristles of the bamboo toothbrush and dispose the bamboo handle along with your wet waste.