Our Story

Project Zero Waste is a call to make a change. It was conceived as an attempt to make that change through a movement to create awareness for reducing plastic consumption and subsequent waste generation in India. The initiative comes at a time when climate justice has become a key concern at the global and national level, positioned to take this national and global movement to the grassroots in India, calling to everyone to participate by making at least one change in their lifestyle that will cut down their plastic and carbon footprint.

India has been struggling with the problem of waste for decades, be it in the form of litter on the roads or ever growing landfills posing occupational and environmental risk. The moment demands a greater change at a policy and individual level. The time has come that each one of us take responsibility for the waste we generate as individuals, households, and businesses. To this end, we envisioned Project Zero Waste with an objective to create a conversation about plastic waste and climate change, and as a call for action. We believe that in the absence of conscious action, change is not possible. So, in an effort to have this conversation going and help people make the transition to more sustainable choices, PZW offers awareness generation and subsequent solution to make the transition to zero waste life.

The concept of zero waste is based on minimalism, and thereby demanding reducing reusing, and recycling of resources with an objective of complete prevention of waste generation. Therefore, we focus on conscious consumerism, reuse and recycling while moving away from plastic, because moderation is the only way to sustainability. Choosing a zero waste lifestyle is not only in harmony with the environment, but also with oneself. And your choices can save the world, seriously! So Let’s do it.

And while the focus of our project is to reduce plastic footprint and positively affect climate change, we will be trying our best not to just maintain a plastic free supply chain but also support fair trade, and local, and women owned businesses along the way.

Our Team

Himani Wadhwa
Himani WadhwaCEO & Founder
Himani worked as a researcher for three years in areas like child protection, labour studies and education. She has an M.A. in Development Studies from Ambedkar University, Delhi.
Vinay Chimnani
Vinay ChimnaniDesign consultant
A special educator as well as fashion designer by profession and an eco-warrior by passion. Vinay wears many hats.